09 June 2014

Family means the world to me. Being able to capture families with my camera is truly a dream come true. The Owens family invited me to spend a day with them to capture baby Ben at 6 months. This image in particular is super special and hilarious because we could not keep baby Ben from eating his outfit...he seemed to find the ears on the giraffe especially tasty! :)

Many heartfelt thank yous to the Owens family for allowing me to photograph your precious memories. I am grateful for the time we spent together and the fun & magic we created!

Bambin aventures

20 May 2014

My friend Jyll has the prettiest little bambin! I love so much when I get the chance to spend time exploring the world with her. Jyll recently invited me on a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden with them and we had the best time discovering new and exotic blooms. What I admire most about my friend Jyll is her ability to not only be a great mother, but also her desire to ensure her adorably sweet child experiences nature and art in a beautiful way in everyday living. I hope to be a great mother like that one day.

une journée à la ferme

04 May 2014

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Serenbe with my friend Tiffany of Savor Home. We had a magical time exploring the grounds & photographing the animals and homes in this beautiful community. I grew up in a semi-small country town filled with farm animals and the beauty of nature, so going to Serenbe reminded me of that precious time in my life. I was reminded of the tranquility & slowness of life back then... I really miss that.

la femme

28 April 2014

This collection of images is my ode to Elizabeth Messina. Elizabeth is a genius photographer based in  Santa Barbara, CA. Back in 2009, I attended her photography workshop in Poiters, France where I met so many fantastic photographers and life-long friends. I have a dear love and appreciation for Boudoir photography and Elizabeth's boudoir work is simply phenomenal. The images I captured above are my mini-ode to Elizabeth. They remind me of her in so many ways... I could never replicate her talent, but she inspires me to push myself to see light & beauty in every little detail. She inspires me to continuously strive to create beautiful art.

c'est le debut ... Paris

06 March 2014

The weather outside is dreary, wet and gray. The trees are scantily clad with new blooms beckoning spring to come, while the branches are swaying as a light wind passes. As I look out of the window, my thoughts are of my time spent in Paris. It was a short trip with friends exploring as much of the beautiful city as possible before being whisked off to Rome.

The Lourve museum was my favorite, after seeing my other favorite the Eiffel Tower and before seeing my super favorite, the beautiful Versailles.  Paris to me is a city that you can't help but fall in love with upon first seeing. It's as if there is a spell on all those arriving in the city to fall in love immediately. Its mystique, the beautiful architecture, romance... it's all so beautiful and alive. 

When we arrived, our first stop was to get a glimpse of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. It was nighttime and the tower was lit with the most beautiful lights streaming and flickering up and down it's metal frame. I couldn't believe my eyes. There I was, standing before this gigantic art piece that is the beacon of this magical city. I was in awe, but most of all, I was so grateful and felt so blessed to be experiencing such magic. After taking in as much of the tower that our minds could hold, we walked to a crepe stand that was just across the street. It was my first crepe and my first time experiencing Nutella. I was in sensory overload. My eyes and taste buds have never been so delighted in all my life. The experience was an absolute dream that I didn't know I ever wanted to come true. I was in love from that moment forward.

As daylight streamed through the windows of our Paris apartment, we were all excited to start exploring the city & see more of the major attractions. Our first stop of the morning was the beautiful and enormous Lourve. We didn't get a chance to see even half of this fantastic museum. It would literally take days to view it in it's entirety so our plan was to see as much as possible & especially the famous Mona Lisa.

As we strolled the halls, I immediately fell in love with the sculpture exhibit. The attention to detail, the intricately beautiful replications of the human shape, body, form and expression. I'll never forget the way I felt - so inspired and in complete awe of the talent of the sculptor artists that had created these beautiful treasures. I walked away with a fantastically deep appreciation for their talent, dedication, and artistry. I also walked away knowing I will one day be back.

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